Wednesday, December 7, 2011


10 things I love about last night (Tuesday)
1) I love that in 4 weeks, I've shaved 1:06 of my 25 in 5 time!
2) I love that I got to watch everyone else improve their times as well
3) I love that I came home, and boyfriend had repaired things around the house that were stressing me, cleaned our office, and prepared dinner
4) I love that he and I then had a dance party in the cleaned up office
5) I love that there was a cupcake party after practice
6) I love that I looked at my coach and asked, am I going to pass? and she said Yes, without even thinking about it
7) I love that I got a good nights rest
8) I love that my finger is healing well despite the fact that I tried to chop it off right before thanksgiving
9) I love knowing how much my parents support me
10) I love that the nervousness I was feeling, has been replaced with excitement for Sunday...assessments HERE I COME!

Really feeling the love!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love to do survey's sometimes its a great way to see where i was at any given time

Age: 25 quarter life!

Bedsize: Queen pillowtop

Chores that you hate: Cleaning the toilet...ick!

Dogs: yes, we just adopted Emma (a Chiuahuah, hound, terrier mix) and she's beautiful addition to our family

Essential start to your day: Bad as it sounds, Facebook, Then Email, The toothbrushing, then Coffee in that order.

Favorite color: Black (and for those of you who say that doesnt count) Blood Red

Gold or Silver: both

Height: 5'4
Instruments you play: I can play a little piano, and I'm learning jembe

Job title: Office Manager/ Etsy Shop Owner / Keeper of the calendar / LovingGirlfriend

Kids: Not yet!

Live: Rochester, NY

Mother’s Maden Name: Maurer

Nicknames: Pants, JenniPants, Jenni

Overnight hospital stays: None

Pet peeves: Gum Cracking, or Chewing with your mouth open..grooossss

Quote from a movie, song or tv show: picking just one is almost impossible "man oh man youre my best friend, I'll scream it to the nothingness, there ain't nothing that i need"

Right or Lefty: to the Right my friends

Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother, best of both worlds

Time you wake up: between 6am and 7am

Underwear: All kinds, all the time.

Vegetable you hate: Celery

What makes you run late: just trying to do "one more thing" before I leave

X-Rays You’ve Had: Wrist, and Thumb (besides dentist and orthodontist)

Yummy food you make: Sauce, Pasta, Soup, Pies

Zoo Animal: Penguins

Monday, July 18, 2011

Love the lake at night in sodus

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Bringing them back were ok with being old school!

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One half of the fourth of July crew!!

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Love this

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Love this on the fourth

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Love flat bread pizza and a little wine

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Love flat bread pizza and a little wine

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I love my new canning hobby!

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I love my momma

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I love petticures with Donald!

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Love this view on my Saturday morning runs

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Love love love

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Monday, June 27, 2011

10 things to love on Monday Morning

Ten things to love on Monday Morning:
1) I love standing "backstage" and seeing an entire row of seats taken up by my whole family, and admiring what an amazing support system I have for such a short student performance
2) I love picking strawberries, and having red tipped fingers that smell like pure sugar!
3) I love running about playing pick up games of soccer
4) I love dancing with my drum and dance family
5) I love weekends full of happiness, and business, and accomplishments
6) I love that there are five beautiful shelves with many more than five beautiful plants on them which are already sprouting buds, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, herbs etc, mmm
7) I love exploring mendon ponds with my sister finding the trails we like (and the ones we don't)
8) I love knowing that my bestfriend is back in the country! and that I'll be seeing her in less than a week! Yahoo!
9) I love the song "Home is wherever I'm with you" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and how it really makes me think about Jeremy
10) I love climbing into bed with Jeremy exhausted and happy from an awesome weekend, and slipping into a deep recovery sleep.


Monday, March 21, 2011

10 things to LOVE about Europe and 10 Things to LOVE about home!

I was in Europe all of last week. Here are my top ten things so far that I can remember loving while there
1) I love the food in Europe, its fresher, its less processed, its delicious, and it feels so good to eat it.
2) I love that I was able for one whole week to wander Europe (3 different countries in 3 days) with two people I love dearly, my boyfriend and my bestfriend. Life doesnt get much better than that.
3) I love that you walk everywhere you go in Europe. Driving is not an option, and I love that.
4) I love the architecture. It is beautiful, old, and soo intricate.
5) I love the style of the cafes, of the clothes, of the smells, of the attitude.
6) I love that I can take trains to almost any place in Europe.
7) I love that I got to see the Eiffel Tower, and Arc De Triomphe, and Notre Dame while in Paris.
8) I loved wandering around Brussels with Jeremy toying with the idea of moving to Brussels
9) I loved the Grande Place.
10) I loved eating, drinking, laughing, smiling, running for trains, riding the metro, seeing the van gogh museum, free guinness at Mannekin Pis, waffels, pomme frite, being with Jeremy, laughing with Jess, and the success of a really good vacation.

10 things to love about returning home.
1) MY bed. ohhh my soft, squishy, wonderful bed, with My pillows. oh boy.
2) My shower
3) My clothes
4) Laying around being lazy claiming i'm "recouping"
5) watching the movies we were supposed to watch on the plane
6) sharing all of our stories with friends and family
7) giving the gifts we brought back to friends and family
8) planning our next vacation in the comfort of my couch
9) living out of a closet, and drawers instead of a backpack
10) having Jeremy prepare the most french breakfast he could muster in the most romantic way yesterday morning.

I love Europe, I love to Travel, and I love to return home. <3

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I love to cook!

I love that today in two hours I made:
Veggie Dip
Peanutbutter Cups (boyfriend loooves them)
Lentil Patties (my favorite!)

What a good evening of cooking....ahhh

I love being a Vegetarian!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I love this composer!

Oh boy! He makes me swooon, I love Acc-ent-chu-ate the positive, and Blues in the night best!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I love these quotes:

Today, I am loving these quotes <3

“If a friend is in trouble, don’t annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.” - Edgar Watson Howe

"The purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved" -KV
"The Earth Laughs in Flowers" - RWE
"In America Innovation doesnt just change our lives, its how we make a living" -Obama