Monday, March 21, 2011

10 things to LOVE about Europe and 10 Things to LOVE about home!

I was in Europe all of last week. Here are my top ten things so far that I can remember loving while there
1) I love the food in Europe, its fresher, its less processed, its delicious, and it feels so good to eat it.
2) I love that I was able for one whole week to wander Europe (3 different countries in 3 days) with two people I love dearly, my boyfriend and my bestfriend. Life doesnt get much better than that.
3) I love that you walk everywhere you go in Europe. Driving is not an option, and I love that.
4) I love the architecture. It is beautiful, old, and soo intricate.
5) I love the style of the cafes, of the clothes, of the smells, of the attitude.
6) I love that I can take trains to almost any place in Europe.
7) I love that I got to see the Eiffel Tower, and Arc De Triomphe, and Notre Dame while in Paris.
8) I loved wandering around Brussels with Jeremy toying with the idea of moving to Brussels
9) I loved the Grande Place.
10) I loved eating, drinking, laughing, smiling, running for trains, riding the metro, seeing the van gogh museum, free guinness at Mannekin Pis, waffels, pomme frite, being with Jeremy, laughing with Jess, and the success of a really good vacation.

10 things to love about returning home.
1) MY bed. ohhh my soft, squishy, wonderful bed, with My pillows. oh boy.
2) My shower
3) My clothes
4) Laying around being lazy claiming i'm "recouping"
5) watching the movies we were supposed to watch on the plane
6) sharing all of our stories with friends and family
7) giving the gifts we brought back to friends and family
8) planning our next vacation in the comfort of my couch
9) living out of a closet, and drawers instead of a backpack
10) having Jeremy prepare the most french breakfast he could muster in the most romantic way yesterday morning.

I love Europe, I love to Travel, and I love to return home. <3

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