Friday, January 7, 2011

Ten things to Love on a Thursday night

10 Things I loved about Thursday this week:

1) My boss was actually nice to me and trying to help me
2) I got to spend a little time Crocheting working on Fingerless gloves projects
3) I had an incredibly successful very first drum class and can't believe I hadnt started sooner!!!!
4) I got to learn new and different dance steps
5) I got to spend time with Jeremy for a little while
6) I was able to read 2 Dr. Seuss books to Jeremy before bed
7) I came home to a house that smelled divine!
8) I was greeted by a boyfriend with love, who was excited to hear about drum class, and who had spent the evening cooking vegetarian shepherds pie for dinner
9) We finished eating dinner before 10:00 for the first time in a loooong time
10) I came home to this surprise: (my favorite)
Yes, The Mashed Potatoes say "I <3 You"

Loving my Last few photos of 2010

I love the Month of December for this:

and Christmas eve our tree full of prezzies:

and my parents house on Christmas Eve

And Christmas Morning by the fire

Kickin it old school with a little Monopoly

Our hotel room for new years!

and our 8th floor view! Oh Niagara Falls <3

A very happy couple
some of the last photos of 2010!

Celebrating the New Year with babyshoes!

New Years Hats!!!

another happy couple

And we got to see Barenaked Ladies!

And silliness was abound!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010, What a powerful year 50 things to love about 2010

I know that my re-cap for things I loved during 2010 is late, but I've been so incredibly busy over the holidays I dont even think that anyone would believe it! I have a long list of 50 things I loved about 2010, no need to read them all, they're really just things i loved and want to remember forever. Following that list will be 10 things I'm loving about 2011 already!

1) I love that I began the new year in my wonderful house.
2) I love that I celebrated two years of bliss with my wonderful boyfriend
3) I love that I got to watch all kinds of wonderful live music
4) I love that I pulled off a really great surprise party with the help of all of my family for my 50 Year old Mom!
5) I love that I got to take a trip to Boston on a train with Jeremy <3 (both of which were firsts for him)
6) I love that I got to Tour the Sam Adams Brewery with my bestfriend, and boyfriend
7) I love that I was able to try Berry Line...frozen yogurt will never be the same
8) I love that I got to go to 2 Sabres Games!
9) I love that I got to see Dena over winter break
10) I love that I made some new friends
11) I love that I did really well at school my last 2 semesters there
12) I love that despite severe financial hardships the electricity was always on, and I was always loved.
13) I love that I was able to spend so much time with my grandfather while commuting back and forth from Buffalo to Rochester
14) I love that I spent endless nights coming home from Buffalo using that time to catch up with Dena, and Eric, and Jess, among other wonderful friends
15) I love that I spent entire days in my cozies with Jeremy cuddled up on the couch playing wii
16) I love that despite Dena living in AZ, we were able to spend time playing MarioKart Wii together
17) I love that after 2 years of dating Jeremy's Mom finally warmed up to me, and embraces me as a possible candidate for her son
18) I love that there were some days in 2010 where Jeremy and I slept in too late, and stayed up too late, and loved every minute of it
19) I love the time I got to spend with my family in 2010
20) I love that I opened up an Etsy Shop with my sister on Dec. 1st ( and that we had 4 sales in 2010!
21) I love that I got to have salads every Monday/Wednesday with another wonderful new friend Chrissy, while we goofed off in the computer lab
22) I love that I got to work on big-deal projects and form lasting friendships
23) I love that those lasting friendships lead us to a Hops farm, and now my freezer is full of fresh hops
24) I love that I'm 24 now, and I can feel my personality shifting yet again for the better I do believe.
25) I love that I have a pretty decent collection of Dr. Seuss books
26) I love that I have developed new interests
27) I love that I learned of sweet potato-goat cheese sammies, and how wonderful they are!
28) I love that the longer we're together the more vegetarian-aware my boyfriend becomes
29) I love that I spent a lot of time baking, and cooking with Jeremy and perfected my Apple and Pumpkin Pies!
30) I love that I have actually improved at West African Dance
31) I love that I've become more personally involved in Bush Mango Drum and Dance
32) I love that there are still boxes in my office that aren't unpacked
33) I love that I GRADUATED! and now carry a Bachelors in Public Communication
34) I love that I was promoted to Office Manager at my place of work, and given a hefty raise
35) I love that I learned to negotiate salary (although I need quite a bit of practice)
36) I love that I completed 2 years working for the same company
37) I love that I have developed a deep interest in being self-sufficient.
38) I love that I picked every kind of fruit I had time to pick this summer
39) I love that I went hops picking with Jeremy, and met two really cool brew-heads
40) I love that I went canoeing for the first time
41) I love that Jeremy and I had a beautiful wonderful day at Cayuga Lake relaxing
42) I love that Jeremy and I were busy almost every weekend this summer doing something fun
43) I love that I went to Ithaca Brewing Company for a tasting
44) I love that I went to nywcc for a wine tasting-dessert pairing class
45) I love that I had drinks with Jess and Dena at Marges with our toes in sand
46) I love that we played tag in dew-covered grass at my college graduation party
47) I love that I started to learn to Box!
48) I love that Christmas was amazing, and that monopoly was played
49) I love that I ended the year with Jess and Nick, two amazing people
50) I love that each of these days I've woken up with the person I'm more in love with than anything

I'm sure there are many more things that I loved this year in each moment, or some that I'm forgetting now, but these were amazing moments, and I'd very much like to remember them together. In each moment I know I felt an out pouring of love.

Now! Three whole days into 2011 you know I've got a lot of loving going on!
Here's 10 things I already love!

1) I love that beginning a new year always feels like a clean slate
2) I love that this new year holds trips to brussels, arizona, toronto, portland, and maybe even colorado?
3) I love that I got to bring in the new year with two of the most amazing friends we have!
4) I love that vacation time is re-upped in the new year!
5) I love that I have developed lots of goals and lists and intentions for 2011, and hope to accomplish them all
6) I love yarn! still. O-B-E-S-S-E-D with it!
7) I love odd numbers
8) I love talking about future endeavors with my love
9) I love that we are ringing in the new year and are roommate free!
10) I love to blog! <3