Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love to do survey's sometimes its a great way to see where i was at any given time

Age: 25 quarter life!

Bedsize: Queen pillowtop

Chores that you hate: Cleaning the toilet...ick!

Dogs: yes, we just adopted Emma (a Chiuahuah, hound, terrier mix) and she's beautiful addition to our family

Essential start to your day: Bad as it sounds, Facebook, Then Email, The toothbrushing, then Coffee in that order.

Favorite color: Black (and for those of you who say that doesnt count) Blood Red

Gold or Silver: both

Height: 5'4
Instruments you play: I can play a little piano, and I'm learning jembe

Job title: Office Manager/ Etsy Shop Owner / Keeper of the calendar / LovingGirlfriend

Kids: Not yet!

Live: Rochester, NY

Mother’s Maden Name: Maurer

Nicknames: Pants, JenniPants, Jenni

Overnight hospital stays: None

Pet peeves: Gum Cracking, or Chewing with your mouth open..grooossss

Quote from a movie, song or tv show: picking just one is almost impossible "man oh man youre my best friend, I'll scream it to the nothingness, there ain't nothing that i need"

Right or Lefty: to the Right my friends

Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother, best of both worlds

Time you wake up: between 6am and 7am

Underwear: All kinds, all the time.

Vegetable you hate: Celery

What makes you run late: just trying to do "one more thing" before I leave

X-Rays You’ve Had: Wrist, and Thumb (besides dentist and orthodontist)

Yummy food you make: Sauce, Pasta, Soup, Pies

Zoo Animal: Penguins

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