Friday, November 19, 2010

I love all of these things!

Oswald the Penguin <3

Fresh Cranberry Sauce!

HomeMade Gummis!

Beautiful Sleeping Face

Trips To The Market!

We were voted best Market in the US!

My first three orders for Thankful Leaves

Oswald and Emo- They're buddies at work

Gorgeous Man, Gorgeous Teapot! <3

Monday, November 15, 2010

Loving on a Monday afternoon A mix of Photos and Words

Ten things to love on a Monday Afternoon

1) Successful Photoshoots
2) Preparations for the Thankful Leaves Boutique to open!
3) Having hat orders before my shop opens!
4) Painting be completed!
5) No more Roommate! its just us, me and my love! <3 <3
6) Vintage Type Writers

7) Gorgeous Fall days
8) Cake Music I'm very excited for this-->

9) Teacup Yorkie Puppies!

10) Johnny Mercer <3 Yes i have a little crush, so what. My bosses wife says I'm an old soul <3

Love, Jen

Friday, November 5, 2010

I love 3d movies and date nights!!! such a treat!

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Hello Friday, I love you!

I love Friday!  See this is me, Loving Friday and a few other things....

1) I love my new dress! --> Isn't it awesome?
2) I love that I woke up in a great mood despite the rainy day!
3) I love hearing that there is a possible chance of flurries (remind me i loved this in March)
4) I love that we booked our hotel for new years eve! Hello Niagara Falls Canada Yipee!
5) I love that I am almost done with all my Christmas Shopping! :)
6) I love that I communicate with my sister for hours, and hours during the day and that our creative collaboration is going to result in amazing things!
7) I love that I'm going to be doing all sorts of fun things this weekend
8) I love that I'm starting this weekend off with a Date at The Owl House, and a Movie with my Jeremy!
9) I love that we have heat in our office again! It's been a cold few days!
10) I love that I got to have an amazing date with my mom that involved Sushi, A media and politics lecture, and a visit to the Eastman house to view their exhibit of Rock N Roll Curated by Grahm Nash, all of it was awesome, both of us couldnt stop smiling because we had such a blast!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I love....

Ten things to love on a Tuesday Almost-Afternoon! :)

1) Pumpkins!
2) Oranges, and Reds, and the onset of Thanksgiving!
3) Re-vamping the traditional Thanksgiving to incorporate more Vegetarian Dishes :)
4) Dressing as Little Red Riding hood, and having a Big Bad Wolf
5) Thrifting 1950s Sewing Machines
6) Spending hours with my Mom and Bf figuring out how said sewing machine works
7) Happening upon Type writers and buying them just cause
8) Trick Or Treators! so cute!
9) Planning painting for the Living room and Parlour - there will be photos to come! :)
10) That my bf hopes to one day financially support us both so I can persue my crafting and thrifting, and manage our businesses from our home