Wednesday, December 7, 2011


10 things I love about last night (Tuesday)
1) I love that in 4 weeks, I've shaved 1:06 of my 25 in 5 time!
2) I love that I got to watch everyone else improve their times as well
3) I love that I came home, and boyfriend had repaired things around the house that were stressing me, cleaned our office, and prepared dinner
4) I love that he and I then had a dance party in the cleaned up office
5) I love that there was a cupcake party after practice
6) I love that I looked at my coach and asked, am I going to pass? and she said Yes, without even thinking about it
7) I love that I got a good nights rest
8) I love that my finger is healing well despite the fact that I tried to chop it off right before thanksgiving
9) I love knowing how much my parents support me
10) I love that the nervousness I was feeling, has been replaced with excitement for Sunday...assessments HERE I COME!

Really feeling the love!

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