Friday, January 7, 2011

Ten things to Love on a Thursday night

10 Things I loved about Thursday this week:

1) My boss was actually nice to me and trying to help me
2) I got to spend a little time Crocheting working on Fingerless gloves projects
3) I had an incredibly successful very first drum class and can't believe I hadnt started sooner!!!!
4) I got to learn new and different dance steps
5) I got to spend time with Jeremy for a little while
6) I was able to read 2 Dr. Seuss books to Jeremy before bed
7) I came home to a house that smelled divine!
8) I was greeted by a boyfriend with love, who was excited to hear about drum class, and who had spent the evening cooking vegetarian shepherds pie for dinner
9) We finished eating dinner before 10:00 for the first time in a loooong time
10) I came home to this surprise: (my favorite)
Yes, The Mashed Potatoes say "I <3 You"

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