Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I love....

Ten things to love on a Tuesday Almost-Afternoon! :)

1) Pumpkins!
2) Oranges, and Reds, and the onset of Thanksgiving!
3) Re-vamping the traditional Thanksgiving to incorporate more Vegetarian Dishes :)
4) Dressing as Little Red Riding hood, and having a Big Bad Wolf
5) Thrifting 1950s Sewing Machines
6) Spending hours with my Mom and Bf figuring out how said sewing machine works
7) Happening upon Type writers and buying them just cause
8) Trick Or Treators! so cute!
9) Planning painting for the Living room and Parlour - there will be photos to come! :)
10) That my bf hopes to one day financially support us both so I can persue my crafting and thrifting, and manage our businesses from our home

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