Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello Friday, I love you!

I love Friday!  See this is me, Loving Friday and a few other things....

1) I love my new dress! --> Isn't it awesome?
2) I love that I woke up in a great mood despite the rainy day!
3) I love hearing that there is a possible chance of flurries (remind me i loved this in March)
4) I love that we booked our hotel for new years eve! Hello Niagara Falls Canada Yipee!
5) I love that I am almost done with all my Christmas Shopping! :)
6) I love that I communicate with my sister for hours, and hours during the day and that our creative collaboration is going to result in amazing things!
7) I love that I'm going to be doing all sorts of fun things this weekend
8) I love that I'm starting this weekend off with a Date at The Owl House, and a Movie with my Jeremy!
9) I love that we have heat in our office again! It's been a cold few days!
10) I love that I got to have an amazing date with my mom that involved Sushi, A media and politics lecture, and a visit to the Eastman house to view their exhibit of Rock N Roll Curated by Grahm Nash, all of it was awesome, both of us couldnt stop smiling because we had such a blast!

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