Monday, October 8, 2012

I've been away far too long

Good morning bloggers or future self or Anyone else that might stumble across my things I love blog :-)

I have been away too long there are lots of amazing major chaages and reasons for this reasons that I promise are reasonable!
In January I couldn't have predicted the year that was ahead of me.

As you know I've been trying my hand or entire body at roller derby and conveniently 9/11/12 was my official one year derby-versary so much has happened in the last year for me and derby. Here is the quickest synopsis of my favorite (most loved)moments
1) first scrimmage against the blue stockings of Ithaca (b team) against our fresh meat team we held our own and I felt really amazing about the whole thing march
2) I entered into derby sister wivedom on my birthday with my three best most honest derby friends kiques, doll, live animal my birthday in April
3) the same day, at my birthday party live animal and I found out we were bring drafted early after our stellar performances time play on the b-sides!! This was unheard of and VERY exciting for us
4) may 19th 2012 my very first public bout! We won it was amazing I loved every minute of the whole experience It made every plank, sit up, squat etc totally worth it. Also the bsides were incredibly welcoming and patient it was amazing to be playing with them.
5) May 31st second official scrimmage with my quarriors we didn't win, but this fame instantly made me appreciate our amazing and dedicated refs. Also I got to be partnered with hedda and she rules.
6) June 25th. Official draft date. Officially a ROTTIE!!!
7) August 7th first practice with the better faster  stronger rotties!
8) September 8th my ffirst home team bout wow! Amazing what's even better? I was awarded heavy hitter, aaaaaaand, my team won both games!

This has been an amazing year and what a whirlwind!!  I'm now working hard hoping to make a travel team again

So all of this is a really big deal with derby and my derby life.

So what else made this year amazing....?

02/10/2012 Jeremy asked me to marry him. I was so excited it was an amazing proposal there was a stand up base and guitar and some dancing involved and odd course lots of tears of joy from me. So I LOVE being engaged, and everyone else loves that I'm engaged too, it's an amazing feeling. We've also set the date Sept 28th 2013.

So that is an amazing real life thing that happened for me that is truly

So why haven't I been posting this whole time? I had a really crappy phone ! 
But now I have a new amazing phone so I plan to have all kinds of posts again.

The love is back!!

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